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Saturday, September 4th, 2004
8:34 am - New Here

Hey guys and gals-

MW4 pilot here. if anyone wants to meet up I'm probably in {CWV} server.. we're MetTek patch players and we like it :)

anyway hope everyones holiday is going well

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Sunday, November 16th, 2003
5:39 pm - I love the smell of an ERPPC blast against ablative armour

A question for anyone who plays Mechwarrior 4

Do you play the game with Unlimited lives and Ammo
and without heat management?

I do,but I do so because I like explosions
I don't like to see people get hurt or maimed
but I like to see the sheer firepower of a
Kodiak loaded up with Pulse Lasers and a Gauss gun
slaggin' some bot.

current mood: silly

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Saturday, July 12th, 2003
7:29 am

Hey, Tim...we ever gonna do anything here? lol

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Saturday, April 5th, 2003
6:25 pm
raven_kerensky Follow up to last post that was cross posted from my main account.

Flashing images prevaded my mind...a red laser lancing through into Tyra's mech, the IR sensors in my mech registering a huge glowing white ball, and then her mech exploding from a fusion reactor crit...Trynn's head taken clean off with a ppc....Sven, so badly wounded after he took an srm pack right to the head...and Mike...mike was dead!!!! I saw that gauss rifle, it pierced his cockpit...I saw him smeared by it...so much destruction...and then pain....and white light...burning my eyes

.....blink...light...blink....shadows....blink...People...I woke up in a medical room....Medtechs quickly rushed over "SHES AWAKE!" blinking rapidly, I restrained myself from slugging the guy that just yelled in my ear..Sitting up i found I was in pain..and not just ohh oww i hurt pain, like oh my fucking god, my intestines are falling out my asshole pain. Blinking more brought everything back into focus...I was in a standard med room alone...naked..must consult people about this.. and the medtechs were running around haphazardly. A hissing noise sent me into a ball trying to make the pain from it stop as they walked into the room, not looking much better then what I expected myself to look like. Trynn supporting a broken arm, tyra's face contorted from an obvious broken nose, and Mike and Sven bruised all over...
"What happened" was only thing I could mutter...
Their reply was all the same "You!!!"....

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5:30 pm
raven_kerensky More BattleTech StuffCollapse )

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Monday, March 24th, 2003
1:35 pm
raven_kerensky (Im using a modified Megaverse for anyone wondering)

The world was on fire, it took several days to quell everything. We had rid the world of the enemy...but the war had taken toll. The government though was fast in replacing order. Very efficient, what was even more impressive was what the planet was hiding. A full sized factory for producing mech components, and repair facilities...only steps away from being able to make battlemechs....even better their labs were the best I'd seen anywhere in the innersphere... its been 2 years since we took this planet...and its been hell...

Chaos had broken out everywhere.... the clans have retreated again, strikes crippled major parts of the technology people had been using, factories to produce basic mechs spun up everywhere...the house crumbled....its martial law all over, but the law is only controlled by people with battlemechs....the last report I got in said that throughout the planets over 200 mechs were being produced a day...200 mechs a day...but all the technology was gone...viruses, strikes, the clan's vengence took toll on the innersphere..in less then 3 months all the technology was destroyed..taken out all over the universe, strikes were made...our mechs were handed over when we were threatened with 10 full dropships...they paid us for them....but only because they owe me respect...the universe has changed...in just 2 years there is now no order....

I am commanding this unit though, and we have trained...we have procurred some new mechs, we managed to replicate some of the heat technology...and we are are going are going to make a claim for ourself in the galaxy for if those bastards...my clansman, ever come back....there is several planets within dropship distance from this world...a world we have named...Vengeance...its what we did when we landed, its what we will do to those that stand in our way to unify what part of the universe we can...we are 6...Tyra, Trynn. Myself...Sven and Mike...and Tyra's mysterious friend that is on her way...

Dated Feburary 6th - 3080
-Note: Happy Birthday me...

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12:46 pm

Just a suggestion. Everyone post a bio for starters =)

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